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The Owls vs Wigan. Official Matchday Thread.

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Reach is probably lacking a bit of match fitness. I'm sure we'll see him second half.


But last game we had FF out wide which could work, but I get the impression he doesn't like playing there.

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7 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

Really disappointed with the line up


carlos has his own way about things and pretty much never starts a player new to the club, i am a little disappointed too but every time i pick a starting 11 i end up with 12 players and i dont want to drop any of them for my system. lol


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21 minutes ago, SouthStandParty said:


My guess for the time of the first Wednesday Player complaint, which will then carry on boring everyone senseless for around 38 minutes - as ususal.


2 minutes ago, madfan said:

Wed. player up to scratch - same recording of C.C TWICE

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! But you were 1 minute early!!!

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