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Argentinian Left Back.

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34 minutes ago, TINKERBELL said:

He was so isolated on Saturday 


I have to say I agree with this sentiment. If you have a skilful and pacy player running at you then any coach worth his salt will ask his winger to double up back on him like Wallace does on the other side. Unfortunately Pudil got no help at all on Saturday in that regard because Abdi is not used to that position and neither is anyone else really. If you're playing a higher line against Wood who is slow then it doesn't help the full back when he's up against pace.

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1 hour ago, adelphi1867 said:

Here's a novel idea, why don't we get a full back who can defend 1st, and attack 2nd.


I put in the other thread, none of our full backs get much of a deal out of how we set up. They are asked to get forward and be our width, and yet we don't play a holding midfielder who will step across This means they can't go forward with any real confidence, and consequently, often get stuck in no mans land. When defending, they get no help from the wide players, Wallace or Abdi Basically, they're on a hiding to nothing

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10 minutes ago, birko owl said:

Leeds got Luke Ayling from Yeovil & every-time I've seen him play he's had a really good game and he did on Saturday. So there are players lower down just need a good scout

Strange I thought they got him from Bristol City, who I was surprised they let him go.

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