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What TV Series are you watching?

The Batman

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Last weekend me and missus watched The Five which was really good and better than I expected. Just watched the whole of Luke Cage over the weekend and quite enjoyed that too. A little slow in places and not as good as Jessica Jones or Daredevil but still a good watch and would defo recommend if you've watched the other two. Looking forward to Iron Fist and The punisher when they come out. 

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On 09/09/2016 at 22:04, Last_Great_Hope said:

Just started BoJack Horseman tonight. Brilliant so far.


Watched Homeland episode 1 last night. Having a casual chat about decent tv in the office today:


Bloke: "You should start watching Homeland, its really good"


Me: "Co-incidence, I wathed the first episode last night"


Stupid Dumb Bit ch: "Yeah, I really enjoyed it! Not sure about the bit where they

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killed Brody off"



Fu cking Hell.

Jesus talk about spoiler alert! Still watch it mate. 

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Timeless and Designated Survivor are both fairly decent new shows. Network shows, so don't expect HBO level quality,  but they are ok.


Some of the new comedies are flipping turgid. Ted Danson's The Good Place is horrific.

The owls are not what they seem.

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On 10/9/2016 at 10:01, Donny.Owl said:

Gonna watch to the end of S2 of Prison Break then start something different. Not enjoying it.


Not sure what to start yet. 


Finally finished S02.


Think I've got eye ache from all the times I rolled my eyes at the stupid plot.


Every time it could've gone right for Michael and Lincoln, only for something to put them right back in the poo . :rolleyes:


Unbelievably awful writing.


At a loose end now though. Might try Luke Cage.

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