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Norwich City vs The Owls. Official Matchday Thread.

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Bootiful Pauli. We'll win this today 1-2. With a one two between Fernando and Abdi. Hooper scores one of those fox in the box goals that always annoy former club mates.

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taylor-swift-gq-115-02.jpgA big big Hiya  to all my Wednesday pals. The 1407 (I think) who made the trip to

Cambridge were magnificent and with so many unavailable we were so unlucky to lose. But in the end I suppose you have to make your own luck. I am without my Flying Owl I have left hr behind in Amsterdam and have come over on the giant Hovercraft to Felixstowe arriving this evening. Hired Lamborghini and driver up to Norwich, I was surprised that the driver was female but not as surprised as Jenny was to see me waiting in the arrivals lounge.


Nev showed me pics of Steve Fletchers head wound, Nasty one that, I don't expect him to play today. Gonna sign off now as I'm very tired but not before I post a Norma Jean pic they seemed to bring us luck at the back end of last season, so here goes.......    


b9fe148ff3941ca7dfc77ed37859e8fa.jpg So it's good luck from Marilyn and I, Up The Owls WAWAW see you all soon Love Taylor x x x Big Kiss to Pauli X.

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Yussss! Logs on to OT to find a new matchday thread.



Cheers Pauli. Superb. Get it well in the groove with that opening info.

Morning all, hope you're keeping well.


To be honest anything other than a loss is good for me today. Tough away trip, and I don't expect many to pick up points at Carrow Rd this season (Norwich are my pick for Champions). Really hope Fletcher is able to play, though I would imagine his 'ed would still be pretty sore. Having him available and able to play to his best could mean the difference for us against the best in the league. Another forward to cause bother takes the pressure off FF leaving him free to pillage (or vice versa).

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It wouldn't be a match day without Pauli's OMDT! 

Great once again Pauli mate, I'm hoping for a Wednesday win by any score but I will be pleased none the less if we manage to smuggle any points back down the motorway...

Sod it! come on Wednesday lets stuff the canaries back into their cages and bugger off home with all 3 points in time for last orders.

We fear no-one!





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Take care Pauli - don't want you getting embroiled in an internet libel scandal:rolleyes:


There's no getting away from the concensus on this one - a really tough match, which will be a brilliant point if we can get one.  And why not, we did so at Brighton, Hull and Derby last season.


Heart and head come together (a very rare occurance) to say:


NCFC 1 - SWFC 1:


Canaries coming from behind to rob us of sweet victory in 87th minute. Abdi scoring a screamer in 56th.


Have fun wherever you are watching this one

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5 hours ago, Utah Owl said:

Totally threw me with the context of the thread! Used to gawp at the 1 Million Years BC poster like crazy! lol


Sure sign I'm getting old and senile when I can't even remember who my old fantasies were!

God I fancied that woman. Remember when her son married fred Trueman's daughter I found that one else of the oddest family unions ever


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Got a bit of a soft spot for Norwich having lived there for 3 years and watched a few of their games in the Martin Peters, Ted MacDougall, Phil Boyer era. Think today will be one of our toughest games of the season and I'd be happy to get a point. Time for Hooper to step forward - he's still not convinced me that he's worth a place in the side but today is a perfect chance for him to prove himself.


Come on Wednesday!!!!!

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Well, this one has snuck up on me a bit. Getting to the end of our holiday and been relaxing etc, knew we were playing Norwich obviously but To then discover its a late kick off has confused me a bit. Got a bbq planned for 4pm here so thought I'd miss the game. Why is it 5.30? Are we on the TV? 


Now I fully realise and appreciate that I'm gonna struggle to get a sensible answer here but come on owlstalk, help a brother out. 

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