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NEW SWFC KIT - Official full length photo

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The white kit's great - the only one that looks like it's been professionally designed. The other two seem more like kits you'd sling together for a mates team by buying 'not quite matching' blue and orange items from different retailers

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15 minutes ago, sjaowl said:

Home kit is horrible.

£55 a joke.

Worse is that kids top at £49 is more of a rip off cos no VAT on it.

Who is kidding who here. 

Players on 30-40k a week, membership price up 40%, TV games classed as Cat A......what is going to happen if we don't go up this year.

Just to cheer you up even more:


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31 minutes ago, punkskaphil said:


That's a new one, I think. So we're now Ipswich, Millwall, Wealdstone and Chesterfield. I wonder who else we can add...


Maybe next time he could go for stripes, royal blue and black shorts. Then we can add Wednesday to the list.



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On 7/15/2016 at 14:54, UTO1867 said:

Really like them all now we've seen a better photo.


Wont be buying one though, i am over 18 and Owlstalk rules prevent me from owning one, it was in the T&Cs when i signed up.

Thats as it should be lol

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In the past our kits have been Chesterfield, Millwall and Ipswich..... or have they been us??... or have they been each other... millwalls new kit seems to be heading back to ours... or their's... chesterfields now has one stripe so they are getting there too, although chesterfield used to have Newcastle, Barnsley and spurs kits, also in 1892/93 they had a kit sponsored by the red arrows. Ipswich were in blue and white vertical stripes before us


At least we've always had blue and white. in one version or another.

Just because we've mainly had broad vertical stripes doesn't mean we have to stick with them every season.


look at Barnsley from 1991 apart from the sponsor and the manufacturer its the same boring kit. 




Change is good and as i've said before it's only for one season, not for ever.

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