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3 players for next season?

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The team we finished the season with was a top 3 team. If this season started in October we would have had more points than Brighton, hull and derby.

We don't need major restructuring.

We need a partner for hooper, he's not or target man. He's a finisher.

We need forestieri in the midfield. Not involved enough up front and leaves a huge gap between the front two and midfield. That's the gap he was signed to fill.

We need to sign 2 good left backs. I'd be happy with pudil and Bennett.

I think hutch and Lees could be our first choice CB pairing, we need at least one more good centre half, preferably a big strong one. We got bullied a few times too often this year.

If Melo is gonna be any good we might not need another central midfielder if we can re-sign Lopez but we definitely need cover on the wings.

Personally I'd like us to put some faith in mathias and joao but an injury to Wallace or Bannan leaves us relying on Helan and that's not good enough for a promotion push

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Correct. I can't say I know enough about the lower leagues but maybe there will be some gems down there we can pick up

Forget suggesting players that would command 6,7 or 8 million quid fees. Not happening

Burnley and Boro didn't get promoted by gambling on lower league talent, they spent whatever it took on proven Championship players. Newcastle and Villa will be doing the same.

If we want to compete for promotion , that's what it'll take.

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need to try and pick up great championship class but cant quite cut it at PL level players such as FF, Pudil, Bannan and Hooper.


Must be a few Watford, Bournemouth and the this seasons promoted teams have that they want to off-load.

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Ideal world -












Sign Sasso, Pudil & Bennett to perm deals then only other signing I'd consider would be a complete monster in midfield but melo could be that player.

I like the rest of your list (including reminding us of Melo's potential, think he could be a big cog in our midfield) but unless there's a young one I've not heard of - I'd really hope we can do better than Tony Hibbert.

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Why is it a fantasy ?? We signed Hooper and McGeady in January... The same type of signing I would expect this summer..

Going up this year would have been a bonus it will be all out assault next year... I fully expect us to sign premier league players or top championship players.

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