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Inflatables and Balloons not allowed in wembley

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I feel like I can't read!

Cant find anything in the terms and conditions that prohibits balloons or inflatables, it does however say we aren't allowed to throw them (10.1).

But the club and Wembley are both saying they're prohibited.


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As per title according to official site, its gonna be carnage.



CLICK HERE for specific Wembley ground regulations, which include clear instructions that balloons, inflatable toys and the like are not permitted inside the stadium.

Read more at http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/supporters-wembley-reminder-3127836.aspx#DjohgHu5RdGUYSTM.99

You're not allowed in Wembley. 

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If I take a flag that is longer than 250cm at it's widest point...can I wrap it round me and say it's my cape?

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So, nothing like inflatables or balloons because they're a nuisance, yet 32,000 seats in the stadium will have the god awful clappers?


Will look good for the display.


I'm imagining everyone in level 1 holding them up to protect themselves from the shower of inflatables raining down from above.


Then they will be put discretely on the floor never to be seen again.

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