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Some of you know that I work as a freelance writer and director in Sheffield and a while back I completed my debut feature film, called FIVE PILLARS. It was filmed entirely in and around Sheffield and used local acting and crewing talent. 

Well, it came out of DVD and VOD earlier this week and I just wanted to ask a few of you (actually, as many of you as possible!) to check it out. Here's the trailer to give you an idea of what it's about.



Both the DVD and the VOD have additional features available, including some cast and crew reflections on making the film, behind the scenes pictures and an interview that I did at my former uni earlier this year when they screened the film, as well as the films trailers and promos. Or you can just buy/rent the movie.


You can buy/download/rent the film from here: http://bit.ly/2448OTB


The DVD ships from the US via a Createspace store so if you want to check it this weekend rather than wait there is the download/rent option.



If you like your northern, gritty, Ken Loach/Shane Meadows type stuff it'll be right up your street! We're promoting it via social media so if any of you use Facebook or Twitter any retweets or support from our @Eye_Films feed would be great and would support a fellow Owl.






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I remember this. Was actually thinking what had happened with it the other day. Just popped into my head.

What's the best way to purchase? As in, the way that supports you the most.


The DVD makes us the most ($6, about £4) but if you want to watch it straight away then the download is better (we make $3.50, about £2). It's about what you want really - we want you to see the film.

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We're hoping to get this on one of the channels in the New Year, either C4 or Film Four. If  there's any other suggestions you can think of i.e. movie channels available via Freeview do let me know.


And if you want to watch it before then you can buy/rent on Amazon Instant Video, watch free on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD all from here http://bit.ly/2448OTB

Merry Christmas y'all. UTO

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