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TalkSPORT Now - Play Offs Are Unfair

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For everyone that didn't listen but wants to whinge. His suggestion was as follows:

3rd place are rewarded for their efforts by going straight to the final.

4th place are rewarded by going straight to the semi final as a home tie.

5th play 6th in what would be a quarter final, 5th are rewarded as being the home team.

4th play at home against the winner of 5th vs 6th.

The winner of the semi plays 3rd at Wembley.

I like the play offs as they are but as alternatives go, it ain't a bad shout.



So 6th beats 5th and plays 4th



6th beats 4th and plays 3rd



6th beats 3rd in the final


6th goes up.



Right, well that's solved the fairness debate





If you don't want to contest for promotion via the play-offs then finish 1st or 2nd


Didn't Brighton top the table for almost all of the Aug to Dec period?


They got caught and overtaken by some dastardly other teams who managed to force BHA into 3rd. If that wasn't good enough for the then maybe they should have stood aside and let Cardiff have a go

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We won the 2 leg play off that all teams knew was coming. No surprises for anyone. It's not like they suddenly asked the teams (in an effort to raise revenue and audience numbers) to wrestle naked in pit filled with jelly and live crocs. Or to see who could be the first to shove a live snake up their ar$e. 



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I would also add in fairness to Durham (who 9/10 times is a massive bell) he said he would keep the play offs exactly as they are.


It's just Talksport drumming up debate to get people listening and calling in - I think people get too worked up about talksport - it is what it is - a commercial station that uses debate and controversy to get listeners for ad money

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Thanks, feel like I'm weeing in the wind on here though. No matter how many times I say no complaints there's post after post slagging us off. Stems from threads setting a narrative I guess. Frustrating though. Probably time for me leave though as I don't want to be a sad case getting too wound up, just disappointing that so many of you think we're so bitter. In the queue for the park & ride and then journey home overheard plenty of our fans saying they hope you go up. 


I shouldn't pay too much heed. Internet forums are seldom true representations of the wider audience. Personally I think that your team did you proud and your fans in general have done your club proud too.

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I'm sure there was a year Palace went up and the team in 3rd, might have been United, were about 25 points ahead of them

Not sure why it's only unfair this season



Blackpool finished 6th at the end of the 2009/2010 season. Look where they ended up after the play offs.


The play offs is exciting and makes it entertaining for the last few games of the calendar season.


And anyway, Brighton were 15 points ahead of us. Should have been a walk in the park for them. Oh wait...

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