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Anyone win or lose any money last night?

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$50 on us Friday at 23/10.

$50 on us Monday at 5/2.

Took Hooper anytime and 2-1 on Monday, mmmm that header near half time!

Stupidly did 4-1 for Monday at 80/1

Broke even.

Saving myself probably $3-4K not being able to get over for the final due to work but will be some suitable investment next weekend.

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Lost £10 of my £30 free bet on Derby tonight, I had them to win the play-offs at 50/1 prior to the Hull game earlier.


The other £20 went on Hull, but the returns obviously aren't that great, it'll just about cover half the cost of my trip to Wembley if we fail to make it up.

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Got £5 at 15/1 on us hull barnsley and millwall to qualify for final.

Fingers crossed for the other 2 now, will pay for my Wembley ticket!

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