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Say hello to the Newest Owl

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Well what a night! I was in hospital in Stockport with my pregnant missus, paid for sky sports and got to watch the first half on mute occasionally getting my hand crushed,then moved over to labour ward so lost TV but managed to refresh the minute by minute on the BBC while she was on gas and air during contractions.

So now we're on our way back AND the Massive just got massiver at 3.32am this morning.

Hopefully his first match will be in the Prem, but he went in utero to Boxing Day match so he'll sing for ever more!

What a night, big love to all and say hello! WAWAW


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Well I've been through the entire squads names and she's having none of it, not even Forrest cos when I took her to her first match on Boxing day because of the Fessi chant she thought he was called 'Forrest Dieri' :) run Forrest run!

Still currently nameless...

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