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Tinpot Brighton

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We've set a ridiculous, unachievable bar to reach when it comes to atmosphere.


They'll be trying to get just a 10th of that atmosphere they experienced on Friday. 


And they'll try EVERYTHING to try and achieve it.


Brighton won't ever be intimidating. That won't win or lose the game tonight for Wednesday nor Brighton. It'll be all about which team comes out and dictates it. If Wednesday start well, and stifle Brighton...it doesn't matter how many flags they have, it'll get very tense and edgy in the Amex. However, if the opposite happens, Brighton will build up some momentum which could be difficult to stop.

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Guest dixeydearns14

Agree with all that but I do like the phones Mr Chansiri gave out before the game on Friday

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Awful plastic, artificial, contrived atmosphere at clubs like Brighton.

So glad we support a proper club who don't have to rely on clappers or other nasty stuff like that.

I've been at Hillsborough a few times with a mate who's a Wednesday fan - and a few times with Brighton - and bar last Friday (which was awesome) it's been pretty quiet.

The atmosphere at the amex is without doubt better than a lot of championship grounds overall. When it gets going its great.

I'll admit I can't imagine it'll be as good as last Friday though.

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