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Good luck all, I'm on the red wine now, gonna regret this in the morning. lol



got red wine, bourbon, beer all lined up. Still not decided whether to watch. Can bet I will be snoring all night. Best tell Mrs now (or not)

We have waited for this forever well it seems like it.

Now is time our time.......

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I checked the BBC website at lunch to see what the latest news was and since then I've got more and more nervous.  I'm absolutely sh*tting myself.


As soon as I read "nobody has ever overturned a 2-0 deficit" on Friday my arse fell out!  We're always the first to break a record like that.


That was my thinking too. I'm only slightly reassured by the fact that it only refers to Championship play-offs (Yeovil, for example, did so away from home against Forest in League One a while back), and the fact that there haven't actually been that many games where you might expect it to happen (i.e., with the lower-ranked team winning the first leg). But... it has to go some time. Still, if we play anything like we're capable of, we've every chance.

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How are you dealing with them?

Are you feeling quietly confident about tonight?

Are you drowning your worries in the pub?

Will you be going on a long walk with no internet or phone signal and trying to forgot about football for the next few hours?

Or are you sitting at home rocking slowly backwards and forwards unable to function?

Very badly but it's easing up, thanks for asking...
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