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We'll score tonight

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Ok, so I'm convinced we'll score tonight. And, if we do, there is no doubt in my mind we'll go on to win the tie.


So, who would you like to see score the 'winning' goal?


Bullet header from Nuhiu?


Poachers finish from Hooper?


Individual goal from FF?


I'd love a bullet header from Tom Lees settle to the tie - and then that way, if he smiles it'll be caught on camera forever and ever.



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Guest 1banana2banana

What I'd really really really really like


Semedo to be on bench just in case

Last 10 mins we bring him on as it's still 0 0

then him to score a winner


Just sit and think how mad we would all go if Jose Victor semedo smashed a winner home

Failing that

Big dave

Mainly because of the 300 threads saying 'told you so' on here afterwards


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As a side note, I thought his link up play was excellent again on Friday.

Live, I thought he was quiet. But watched the full 90 when I got home and he was sheer quality.

Class player. And after playing Old Firm matches and v Barca etc he is going to be cool as ice.

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We haven't really scored many scrappy goals this season so it's due. 


Let's say and also hope, Pupil goes up for a corner but the ball falls to Lees, he volleys towards goal, it smashes Pupil on the arse and goes in off the bar, bounces out but the lino gives it.

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