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Imagine if....

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suprised your still here after posting crap about manchester utd and air disaster other day.

Have you ever seen Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle or Stewart Lee? All have done far, far worse. And I immediately apologised and the mods commented on the fact that far worse jokes have been posted before and that the replies were far, far worse. But if you want to take it up with them you have my blessing. It was an error of judgement.

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I don't get the other one, though. I'm not into the really extreme stuff...

It's proper tickled me that people are getting all upset and negging me for posting the plots to actual films. Films that are by major directors and writers. So glad you actually got it. Woooooosh galore.

Neg away little chickens. Neg away.

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Imagine if you're a father who gets it on with his prostitute daughter. Then, the family’s lives are turned inside out by the arrival of a strange guest who encourages mum, dad, son and daughter to satisfy their darkest needs. Necrophilia, murder, dismemberment, heroin and an.al rape are on the menu, all washed down with a barrel-load of milk squirted from mum's wildly lactating breasts. But it's all a good laugh.

Bernard Cribbins did that one on Jackanory in 1976.

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