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Think Carlos will have the lads fully focused for the 2nd leg and we'll go through.

Ull looking strong though

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It's so easy to jump on the, it's only half time band wagon!! So you can say you was right if we lose. How about everybody growing a pair and get behind the lads. We're going to Wembley. UTO


What the OP means is if we get beat then the scumbags across the City will have a right righteous go, so what bring it on, we are bigger, better,


and are not morally corrupt, surely it is the up to Carlos and his team to get the players in the right frame of mind, not us.


So my message to all our fans (as said above) grow some and be positive, what will be, will be,  there is nothing we can do about it.

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Is it only me who thinks Brightons bad luck with players getting injured was more bad management as none of them took an heavy knock or was badly fouled obviously knockeart pulled something Wich can always happen but the others came out of nowhere

I think they were all carrying injuries they gambled it baked so even if they do start I can see them going off again

I thought Sidwell was labouring in the first half and thought he would be subbed when the first two Brighton players were so not suprised when he went off in the second half.

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I agree 2-0 was only a par score. We were at home and fresher. Surprised that Carlos didn't seem to be bothered about a third. Dave and Joao didn't really do a lot.

Brighton will go for it from the off and we are not the quickest of starters. Carlos even mentioned team rotation for the 2 games. Surely not.

Now is the time for Carlos to show that we have only been cruising and takes us up through the gears.

Finally anyone got a dog to lend for me to walk for 2 hours? I really cannot watch us on television

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