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hull it is

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At least if it's hull and we qualify, there will be no clash of colours (ie as there would be with Derby) in which case a throw of coin would be required to wear home colours..... To that end, blue and white stripes if we get to wembly

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I thought Derby looked very dangerous when we played them. Both sides are very physical, but for some reason I'd rather play Hull, if we beat Brighton.

I genuinely couldnt care who we play.

Burnley apart I wouldnt have feared anyone. With our squad fit and fresh, and with an almost impregnable defence, we are a match for them all.

And I am still treating the playoffs as a bonus, so to get to Wembley would be a joy.

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That Hull City signing "Steve Bruce had a dream" just doesn't sound right

I know we weren't the first to sing it, but come on... we were the first and only Champ club to do so this season until a few weeks ago, shameless steal from us lol

Sky presenters always talk about us singing it.

The fact it was last night, then they've copied it today is all the more laughable.

We are the Owls...

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Guest Robster01

Hull were excellent today, so many dangerous players and really should've got automatic with the squad they have. Definitely beatable though

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