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what an atmosphere

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It was pure class. Sat in the middle of the South as ever and gave it full voice (amazingly there were quite a few others too!) I felt proper drained on Saturday. If, if we can make it to the top flight, then plenty of similar days and nights ahead.

I honestly don't think that will be repeated for a long time- if ever.

It was a perfect storm- the situation, the performance, the fact it was a night game. Everything just came together.

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I never missed a match from the mid 60s to present day and have to say for sheer sustained, continuous passion, last night was the best i can remember, ever.


In the old days, the Kop would be at it, but apart form the odd 'roar' from the rest of the ground, it was just the Kop.


It was more tribal, but much more 'localised' re where the main support came from.


I thought last night was just amazing, everyone played their part, everyone was at it, and it was all just finished off by the wonderful, spontaneous light show.


Sometimes, things just happen, things just come together all at once. You can't create it, you can't replicate it it just happens and last night will be one of those nights that we talk about for years to come.


It was just so amazing.  


A big, big thank you and well done to everyone who was there.  Brilliant. 


I echo all this.


The positive vibes from Carlos just make you want to go, participate and enjoy the occasion


and it's fantastic how everyone is pulling in the same direction now.


The Hillsborough Lights were something else - just wished I had a light on my poor old phone!!


(My throat's just starting to recover from the endless singing!)

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I was in the North, towards the Kop, and I can honestly say I didn't even realise the band were there until I watched the game back- they definitely weren't required.


I was in that area Rumbelows and agree the only reason I knew the band was there is because I saw them going into the ground

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Been watching Wednesday for years Europe, cup finals etc, but have to say that Friday was right up there as one of the best.


Someone mentioned the Wycombe game too.... it were miles better then that, every single supporter gave it 100%


Some people (other fans) thought the phone lights were a bit one direction and gigish.....but the way it just materialised  was unreal and it looked spectacular.


One of the best nights at Hillsborough and lets hope we stay there another 100 years !

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Some of those pictures of the Spontaneous Light Show need to be hung around the communal areas of the ground and in our dressing room to serve as a reminder how much of a shift we all put in.


I'm so pleased that the sight of Friday night is still fresh in the players minds. 

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After we had beaten Arsenal in the Cup earlier this season, journalist Patrick Barclay wrote in the Evening Standard:


"When Hillsborough's rafters ring, football seems a better place".


That is how I feel about last night. We are indeed on our way back!

First time Ive seen that quote. Thanks devowls.

We were top right of Kop. If the band were playing, we sure as heck didnt hear them. What a night!

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