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Finally... the buzz is back!

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After the utter dross of recent years (ok, it was steady building!), it has understandably been slow in coming this season... a lot of reservations from the "glass half empty brigade"... but now, the buzz is palpable.... one way or another, we ARE on our way back!


Thanks Sgt. Wilco for getting the ball rolling with MM.

Thanks MM for steadying the ship,

Thanks CC for the breathe of fresh air.

and Thanks DC for making dreams possible.

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I remember one of the Radio Sheffield team saying after the Play-Off win in 2005 that Wednesday were out of the doldrums - and it felt like it.


However, it turned out to be a false dawn. Come what may the next few games, Wednesday really are out of the doldrums now and on our way back.


There are a lot of people we can thank along the way, there are a lot of people I'd rather forget (and will in time), and at long last we have a set of players, a manager, an owner, and a load of back room staff that we can be proud of once more.


This massive club is on the verge of re-awakening and I'm loving every minute of it.



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never ever been ashamed to be an owl but now i am so proud of what i am and always have been that im bursting. just want to say sorry for boring the pants off my non supporting wednesday friends for my non stop verbal gushing (actually i am not sorry at all - put up with them all these years)


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