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The Owls vs Brighton. Official Matchday Thread

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Pauli Thanks for the picture of Emmie, she was a wonderful lady and will be missed. It's fitting that she is being laid to rest today the same day as our final home game of the season, I hoe the lads do her proud.

As mentioned in the "Emmie" thread any of you who will be in the stadium early the club are having a celebration for her around 7:20 so please join in.


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I love you Pauliiiiiii!!!

How good is this eh? Morning all, hope you're keeping well. At the risk of being Captain Obvious (and quoting Douglas Adams out of context), this is big...really big.

I have complete faith in the lads and CC to get this job done.

Also, thank you to Bobthedog and Whitechapel maintaining the rage with some soooooper gif action.

Congrats to FO. I know how that feels. I suspect you'll enjoy this afternoon/evening all the more.

Right now I'm feeling half this:


half this:


half this:


and 100% awesome. It's party time lads and lasses. Bring it.

You've got 3 halves mate, bloody Queensland education system.

I'm predicting we score as many as the years I spent in the first grade.

3 nil to us. Forestieri, Hooper and a Nuhiu bicycle in injury time.

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It's late. That was 00:00:12s. Not good enough.






Ouch guys. This was meant as nothing but a tongue-in-cheek comment about the fact that pauli always gets the posts on seconds after midnight. And yesterday was no exception.


Anyway, I am not that bottom (edit - really, I can't use the English word a-n-a-l as in retentive?) to worry about it. Great post as per pauli. I do laugh at your OMTD threads and think they are great.


I am, and have been all week, quite calm. Without going in to it, I have been to hell over the past 10 months (and I am only just starting the journey back) and this has changed my outlook on life. Maybe this is playing a part in my calmness, but I feel very relaxed about the game tonight, and the one on Monday too. Maybe it's that I know we now have very good players, and an ambitious Chairman. The managers not bad either :biggrin:


Lose in the semis or lose in the final; either way this season has re-designed the blueprint for what we can expect in the coming years. DC wants us in the PL for whatever reason (ROI, global brand recognition, worldwide advertising for TUF/John West, etc.), the players want to play in the PL as this is one of the best leagues in the world, and us fans want to support and watch our team play there too. If we don't make it this season, I can't see it being that long before we get back there, and I think we as fans are realising this fact.


UTO, have a great day all, and for those going tonight, let's raise the roof and get the old lady rocking.


PS. And sorry if I offended pauli. It was just a jokey, dry sense of humour, comment.

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Cardiff: It's the Grand March from Aida (Verdi)

Good to hear Conquest in Paradise again but no way was that film made in 1492 :biggrin: 


Superb OP as  per, Pauli.


I'm not nervous (cause I'm not going and will be listening to it on the radio drunk (that's me drunk, not Radio Drunk)) but I know faarkin faaahsands of you are, so remember; this is history we are writing and we'll only be happy with a 6 nil cushion.


It'll be like the Mary Celeste on here tonight - tumbleweed, prairie breezes; the lot. We'll keep it going though eh? Won't we? Won't we? :sad:


Anybody else gonna be on here during the match posting this evening? :rolleyes:

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Brilliant OMDT Pauli, outstanding work. Loving some of the gif's on that first page as well.

Apologies if this has made it onto the site before, but just had a good article sent to me by a mate and thought I'd share it on here too. Set up my day nicely.

UTO, 1-0 win tonight with plenty of tension and a change of pants required. The 12th man will be the difference.


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Once again a fab thread Pauli


Come on Wednesday lets get Hillsborough rocking and bouncing tonight.      Let gets behind the players like we did against Cardiff,     come on Wednesday let play like we did against Cardiff.



Up the Owls.     We could be on the way to Wembley,    to show how United how to win the playoffs,   

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Setting off soon from the West Country - biggest match since the Cardiff Final for me. Can't wait to see Hillsborough full and rocking, nervous and excited, days like this are what makes being a football fan what it is.


Come on Wednesday give it everything!!

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