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Who's going to be the hero?

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Unlikely hero?

118th minute at a dead-locked nil nil Wembley.

Hunt goes on yet another mazy stepover run, but for once he gets past the last man. Looks up, but Hooper is out on his feet and cant make it into the box. With no other option, Hunt closes his eyes, pulls the trigger, and the ball soars towards the stanchion between post and bar.

Stranger things have happened.

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I've got a feeling about Wallace.


The old romantic in me would love it to be Nuhiu.


But yeah. I've got images in my head of Wallace celebrating at Wembley. In fact, I think he'll be the JP McGovern of 2016 and score in the semi finals too.

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The captain Glenn Loovens he's yet to score for us and I'd love it if his first was to be the one that fires us back to the big time

Probably next in line for my ideal player to score the winner.


I would love bid Atdhe though.

Glenn's been with us for the past few poo poo seasons. He doesn't get the praise he deserves sometimes,



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