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Wallace or Lopez?

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If Carlos does play a big 'un with Hooper.....

Which would you prefer on Friday, and why?

Wallace Lee Bannan Forestieri


Lee Lopez Bannan Forestieri

I have flip-flopped all over the place on this question, but finally nailed my colours to the Wallace midfield. His record over the full season has been excellent. Five goals and 9 assists in 45, compares well with Lopez one goal and three assists in 25. He is involved in so many of our attacks. His delivery is USUALLY outstanding, and I think he will be massively fired up after making a teet of himself v Dons.

I also think Wallace provides the midfield with perfect balance, and puts Bannan and Lee in their ideal roles.

Its a wonderful problem to have, as they are two fine players, but if you had to choose?

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Wouldn't make choice between those two TBH.

Lopez adds cohesion and solidity with runners off him collecting the pass. He basically links everything together.

Wallace is an outlet and receives passess to continue driving the play forward.

Depending on the opposites and formation both could be accommodated in starting 11.

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Can't see beyond the Cardiff line up to be honest. A complete performance and midfield domination, I think we'll go same again


This is the way I see it.


Have been really impressed with Lopez of late and he deserves his place in the starting line up.

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It means we can have Bannan take the corners for one. Not going to debate the assist stats but a lot of Wallace's delivery into the box from corners and crosses has been awful, it usually ends up for a goal kick beyond the far post.

Think Lee is the superior player even as Right Mid and gives better cover defensively for when Hunt gets forward as he can do really well or for when he gives the ball away trying to nutmeg somebody for the fourteenth time.

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It's a difficult choice, Lopez has shown in the last few games that he is a top class midfielder and his distribution is superb, Wallace has more assists and Goals. It's a position I never dreamed we would be in but I'm sure Carlos has his ideas, thankfully.

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Midfield wise, Lee/Lopez is untouchable as a pairing. If Wallace comes straight back in on the right, Bannan will play left. If Carlos decides to put FF on the left, Bannan will be on the right, where he's equally effective.

There's no way Lee, Lopez, Bannan, Forestieri or Hooper are missing out. The real question is Joao or Wallace.

Whether he goes with FF/Hooper or Joao/Hooper up top, I'm confident we can get a result.

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