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Lower Lepp available to home fans on Friday - OFFICIAL

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Guest Ferkorf

Hopefully I'll be in the lep for first time since 1992 taking the Mrs hope she doesnt start pointing

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Might swap my ST seat for the NW corner being as that's open, never sat there before.

Will you be able to swap?

The announcement says if you have bought 2 you cant buy any of the new release, so wont they also want to stop people swapping?

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Note to SWFC:

In future please do not issue a simple statement. Instead please just use pictures as it appears some people are confused by words.


Same with the half time catering, let's have pictures instead of words. As the Ultas have shown us, it's all about pointing.

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Fantastic news.

34000 Wednesday voices and less than 2000 from Brighton. Thats one intimidating stadium now. Yet more advantage Wednesday.

Hopefully the team will start with the Cardiff tempo and the place will bounce.

Plus, it will look fantastic on Sky.

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Is it the north west block or the west northblock , is that above the Brighton fans?

No, the roof of the stand formerly known as Presto is above the Brighton fans.

Tickets are only 2 shilling to sit on the roof

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