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Best video ever from Jose Semedo

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I hope he is given another year if only to maintain the precious atmosphere in the dressing room and bring the kids on in the same way that Bullen has.


But he's 31 and can still do a great job for 3 years or so for someone [not them] trying to get out of L1.

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a true professional.


There was a pivotal moment in the promotion season @ Yeovil, when we'd had a few dodgy games/results beforehand and we ended up 2-1 down (I think) to that cheat goal - Semedo went mad; calling their bench tvats. He fired up the team and we ended up winning the game - always a legend in my eyes.

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Guest Kagoshimaowl

A legend!! Enough said!

I mean in the 'Bully' sense, not the Hirst / Waddle sense

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