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Quite sad really

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i know you have to be the best you can or theres no point in playing any sport and will be delighted for the club if we do go up.

for me though i wouldnt be gutted if we didnt make it ......the thought of season after season of mid -lower table finishes with out

any hope of success ala stoke,west brom ,sunderland etc etc isnt an exciting prospect .we did it in the 60s-80s-90s and everytime

after an intial honeymoon period the fans drifted away and unrest with the board followed .of course we could do a leicester but i

wouldnt be holding my breath........

In the same boat as me matey. Totally agree.

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Guest ka58

Its an interesting thread - and i have to agree with the OP

The money has now become "the glory" - where earning more money (say via finishing 4th in the premier) is seen as preferable to winning one of the domestic cups (not by fans of course but then this is not about fans any more)

Football at the top level can survive without fans (attendances) in many cases because the differential between matchday income and non-matchday income is vast

Premier clubs are getting what? £180m+ before a ball is kicked next season? Before a match ticket has been sold?

For a lot of clubs their matchday income won't even approach 5% of those figures

But the secondary effect is just how much of the money ends up in the pockets of players and agents - where clubs still struggle to turn a profit despite the staggering income they now achieve

I get it that times have changed - but the way cash pours into - then out of the clubs is not healthy for the game long term

The natural effect will be a 2 tier system where it almost becomes a closed shop at the top level and that will be based on financial muscle

Then there will be everybody else and a survival of the fittest - at a much lower level than thos eat the top - and this will resemble what us older farts recognise as "real football" (not in style, tactics or ability - but in ethos)

When a youth team player at Chelsea is demanding £50k pw to sign a contract even though he's nowhere close to being a 1st team regular then its time to say the game is a path to oblivion

This is a very good post.

I've said it before - the "prize" of promotion is really just a financial bonus - not really an opportunity to progress as a football team.

There will be better footballers - but not the best footballers. In the past there was a chance with the right players coming up from division 2 and a few additions - we nearly did it.

It would be fantastic if we went up and I'd be as chuffed as anyone - but there's not a lot to come after that.

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