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Ticket System In Meltdown

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Get on the phone. Even when you do get to front of online queue there's half a chance you will get kicked out again. Happened to me twice.

£4 on phone for 2x tickets, that same online?

It's a phone booking fee. Why do you think I've been telling everyone to get on the phone. I've got shares in ticket company and am quids in.

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Finally got logged in having been in 'queue' since 9am, selected my 6 seats (3 ID's) clicked 'Add to Basket' and it sent me back to 2000+ in the 'queue'!


North Stand was fairly close to fully red, except end blocks - mainly odd single seats and very back row.

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Sounds like everyone is having same problems......

I logged on about 8.30 this morning, to get me in early to start the mind-numbing "process" and have just got my tickets off in last 20mins..
Trouble getting 2 tickets, spinning thing going round and hypnotising me into thinking I'd dropped an "E" or something.
Eventually got tickets selected in trolley, go to checkout and kept crashing, eventually timed me out and went back to 2057 in queue.

Had to abandon hope on Windows Explorer & went thru Google Chrome.

This went well (once I got on the website), chose tickets and hardly waiting to be put in a hypnotic trance again from the spinny thingy-ma-jig..

Proceeded to checkout, took no time at all, paid, printed tickets off..

Happy now, but what an absolute ball-ache, it shouldn't be this difficult....

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How on earth do you get through on the phone?


Tried probably a hundred times

Try 101 times. I probably tried nearly 100 times. Use the 037 number, selection 1. Wait for message to say busy. Redial. Keep going until you get into hold queue. You will get in eventually.

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You can change your position in the queue manually. If you look in the address bar it's the position you're in. Change it to 1 press enter and bobs your uncle! lol

Until it refreshes and shows your true position.


tried it already, and changing the URL, didnt work

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On a side note - don't blame the system, blame the people.

The "queuing" is down to people wanting to choose their seats and buy different tickets for different people. Same goes for the "slow" queue at the shop

"Ooo i want to sit next to our Danny, but I dont know where he sits - can you look him up on the system. Ok. Hmm. Can we sit two rows back? Not that far away, anything nearer?, how about two rows forward from Him. Oh no - thats my ex wifes new boyfriend. "

Whatever happened to getting to the till and buying "the next tickets available". we'd have had this licked by now.

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