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Star Football Awards

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The Star annual football awards for the region taking place at the Hilton tonight.

Manager of the Year - Carlos

Team of the Year - SWFC

SWFC Player of the Year - Forestieri

Carvalhal said: "Fernando is a great player. We don't have to teach these type of players." #starfootyawards #SWFC

Carvalhal said: "I had a dream to manage in England. I'm very proud to work at #SWFC." #starfootyawards

Owls coach @BullenFootball said: "We've given ourselves a chance of getting promoted. We've had a fantastic season." #SWFC #starfootyawards

LB said: "We've had our ups and downs. But the fans have enjoyed our football." Says #SWFC are focusing on the Play-Offs. #starfootyawards

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