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May 3rd 1986 - Last Game on the Uncovered Kop

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I was on the kop for the last match. Can't remember the match tho. I stood there so many times frozen solid in winter and the ice cold rain was blown straight into our faces. 

So many truly awful games way back. But also plenty of good ones. The third division days were bad until Jack came. Very bad. Then TC and big Andy up front tore teams apart. 

Best memories apart from boxing day united destruction probably the qf against Burnley in 83. The official attendance was 42000 but the kop was absolutely overfilled as they just kept letting people in. The Burnley end was empty. That night every aisle was packed, we were packed in so tightly. On the pitch we were super. Marvellous performance. Great great memory. 

Another one was the 4-2 defeat of Newcastle in 84?I remember keegan doing his usual diving act. That match was non stop end to end for 90 minutes. Maybe 45000 crowd. Newcastle were very good but we were better. Yeees 

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