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Midfield dilemma

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Because it'll be a completely different game, and against a team much stronger than Cardiff. Cardiff went into the game off the back of 1 win in 5. Whoever we

play in the finals will be far more challenging.

Have we won any of the top 5 all season? I dont think so without looking.

The performance at derby without wallace was pretty good and vs cardiff was even better.

we were struggling to score vs bristol, mk dons and ipswich before that so maybe by default we now have a winning formula.

I would rest all cardiff 11 vs wolves and to guard against suspensions/injurys, but would bring them all back for play offs.

any champ team would struggle to beat that cardiff 11 and we have options from the bench too, good times

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The midfield is a quandary I agree but please make sure Hooper has a partner (Dave or Joao)

Hooper scores in bursts so let's play to his strengths


Really hope he leaves the attack alone now.

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Play 4-1-3-2




Hunt      Lees      Louvens      Pudil


                  Lopez / Hutch


     Lee           Bannan           Foresteri


                  Nuhiu / Joao      Hooper



Lopez currently ahead of Hutch as he is not as likely to be booked or sent off. Joao ahead of Nuhiu to start with. Fullbacks to give us width, problem solved!!

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Our full backs are basocally wing backs whilst the 'wingers' forrestieri and bannan support the strokers and have a license to roam free. Only time there really on the wing is when were defending. Keep the same team as played againat cardoff for wolves and who ever we get in playoffs. Momentum will play a big part i think.

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