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Unfortunate, but we have our fair share of morons.

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Quick update ..... The club are being contacted over this, so we'll see where it leads us.


One concerning issue which has come to light is that when the stewards arrived, one appears to have actually been a "supervisor", so it obviously begs questions about the lack of any appropriate action taken..... and with the events of last week that is unfortunate timing of course.


If anyone knows these two protagonists or can shed any light on them, in the interests of fairness please DO NOT put any details on here, but if you PM me, I'll pass the info on. He is 6ft plus with a shaven head and she is much shorter with black hair and were sat in the North somewhere near the centre line. They obviously have inter personal problems and anger management issues and will of course have their own version of events.


Once again, a heart felt thankyou for the many warm and sincere words of support.

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Breaks my heart that this kind of abuse could happen anywhere, most of all at our own ground from our own fans.

A lifetime ban is the only language scum like this will understand. They're not fit to breathe the same air as Jake.

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