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I applaud the Kop

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First time since promotion I've been back on the kop, and loved it. Sat near the back for one of them games that you hope will bring back memories of past glory days. Today didn't disappoint. Brilliant noise from start to finish, with the band playing a huge part in starting off the right choirs and keeping the volume high. Everyone responded to the beat set by the lads on the field. Great day.

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Great 30 minutes after half time. I'm a big critic of the band but thought they did alright today.

They started with a kind of deep trance version of Barmy Army. Quite avant garde really.

This then morphed into a medley of all the current classics without changing beat.

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I sat on south was shuffle!! Massively overpriced steward blocked view with no atmosphere will be back to the normal (kop) for future.

Yea...I always wait for the Steward sale in January before I buy one............

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Great sight today.


Superb picture. I'm making it my computer "wallpaper" if I have the technical know-how (I don't).


Would be even better if the cavernous depth were lit up so you could see how enormous she is. (No rude, suggestive responses, if you please :laugh: )


Also - looks like the guys in front of you could use some Minoxodil!  :biggrin:  :laugh:

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It was another level today.  Absolutely first class.


I get the impression even the Cardiff fans were surprised at the support.


Shows there's no substitute for genuine unbridled passion.


I know i bang on about it, but it just shows we don't need any of the false 'marketing' ideas or 'clacker' type things some of these type of clubs use.


One of the best crowd performances i can remember, and i've been going for ever.


Well done to everyone. Just brilliant.

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