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Hillsborough... It feels so good to be back!

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Check 1, 2, my Wednesday friends
Leroy's back as the season ends
Well not just yet, coz we'll finish top six
When we win this weekend, against those Welsh... people.

Our last few results, have been a bit iffy
Leroy's struggled to get a stiffy
When we drew with MK, that wasn't so great

But no need to worry, cause it's not too late

To pick up again, and finish in a flurry
And we'll be booking trains for Wembley in a hurry
When we beat the Bluebirds and then Wolves too
So come on you boys in white and blue

I wanna hear you get behind Fernando and Gary
And Tom and Glenn and Lucas and Barry
I wanna hear the Owls fans go 'hoot hoot!'
Then when we get promotion it'll be 'woot woot!'

So keep the faith my Wednesday crew
Premier League, we're comin' for you
When we're play United and Man City
We'll be on the wee wee with the man Chasiri

For those asking about Claridge, he's hung up his mic
He knew he could never beat me anyway, PSYC
Coz Lizzy is pregnant and Steve is the Dad
Well I hope so anyway, it's all a bit mad

Steve doesn't know about me and Lizzy
We were both in Plug and got a bit dizzy
I took her back, we had a nice time
And as things turn out that baby could be mine

I'm so scared, in case the King founds out 
I could be in, for a reyt big clout
The due date's not for quite a while
But if that baby's mixed race then I'm running a mile! 

Until next time Owls fans, don't have nightmares.

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