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Hooper and Fernando?

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I'm sorry Ritchie, I've obviously misinterperated the reason for Holmowl's thread.


I thought that Holmowl create this thread in order for him & a few others to have another platform asking for a Nuhiu start, despite gaining 1 point from his last 4.


Obviously I'm completely wrong lol

Yes you are wrong.

I have consistently "picked" Fernando on the left for nearly all of the matches since Hooper joined us.

In most matches I have called for Nuhiu to partner Hooper.

As Joao was my MOM v Rotherham I put him to start with Hooper v Brighton and then v Forest.

As we did so well v Forest with Hooper/FF i (for once) picked that pair v Charlton. I had said many times that I thought it had not worked, but how could I fly in the face of an away 0-3?

Against Charlton they were awful as a pair first half, so CC changed it and we mullered them.

I have no agenda for nuhiu to start. Indeed after Rotherham And QPR I started a thread about Joao's return to form and wanting him to start.

If I have an agenda, its really simple and I repeat it sgain for you...

Fessi left, bannan central, hooper and best current big un.

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