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Contracts expiring - Transfer targets

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Obviously had to say without knowing what league we will be in, but any layers on these lists who might be worth looking at?


Can't promise accuracy, but transfermarkt is usually decent.


Premier League








Well-known players



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IF we went up, James Morrison would be a steady experienced head.

Would like to see what Spurs plans for Tom Carroll are too.

If we go up, we'll do most of our deals overseas I reckon. Can understand the need to get a core of players with Championship experience, but that doesn't apply in the Premier League

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What about Gudmundsson?

I'd be willing to dump him in the Thames just to get Zivkovic here on loan for a month lol



If we get Prem football Nordveit would be an ideal holding midfielder to bring in.

Erkin would be decent at Championship level if we can persuade him to come here, not sure if he'd cut it as a Prem left back. All the other big names are overpaid and undertalented IMO, people like Noone from other Champ clubs would definitely be the target market assuming no promotion this season

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So much dross in that list of championship players that I'm sure United will sign or cry that they failed to sign.

I remember when we were skint and Bryan Laws said we were perfectly placed to sign the "cream of the crop" when it came to out of contract players in pre season...

We went on to sign Tommy Miller, Darren Purse and JUST missed out on Ryan France!! lol

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