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If It Weren't Wednesday...

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I know it's ingrained in many of us, but let's forget about 'the Wednesday way' for a minute and try to look at the situation dispassionately:


  • Team A only need a draw at home against Team B to secure a playoff place.
  • Team A have lost twice at home all season.
  • Team B have won 5 away games all season, against teams sat 14th, 16th, 17th, 20th and 24th in the table.
  • Team A have picked up 9 points in their last 6 matches, compared to Team B's 8 points.
  • Even if Team B beat Team A, they need to win and hope Team A lose or draw the following weekend, too.

If it weren't Wednesday, you'd fancy Team A's chances, wouldn't you?


And that's not to mention that Team A's manager is a smart, suave, football sophisticate who will have his team more than well-prepared for the game!




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You make valid, intuitive points. But we are Owls.

I've been a cynic ever since Mark Bright hit the post from 6 yards to put us deservedly ahead in the FA Cup final replay. And then shortly after, Arsenal had a nothing shot that wildly deflected out for a corner. And then enter Andy Linnegan and Jesus hands Woods in injury time. And that was the finest Owls side I have ever seen.

Why would we do this easily

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Guest The Horse

Modern football finds a way to create last day drama.

Which is why if I weren't a Wednesday fan, I'd put money on a Cardiff win next week followed by Cardiff winning their last match as well as we go into injury time at Wolves.

At which point Nuhiu bundles the ball in, promoting a pitch invasion from all four sides at Molyneux cos Owls fans have found a way to take over the ground.

Jeff Stelling's head will explode.

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Point 3 terrifies me.

Wasn't aware of that!

gary megson What's terrifying about it?!

And Team B's only win in a crucial month was a 95th minute controversial winner at home to a relegated side that hasn't won an away game all season.



That's the spirit! Just tune out those inner owls.



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That crushing disappointment I felt just before 5 yesterday afternoon when Cardiffs score came up after virtually every other match had finished has now got me feeling edgy. I was just looking forward to 2 stress free Saturdays when the results would have been irrelevant.

Just a few seconds away from it, then, bang it's back to the reality of being a Wednesdayite.

You want to believe they won't screw it up but no matter how many times people say 'it's ok we'll do it' you know full well that they can screw it up.

The hard thing is that I genuinely believe we've got the best team in the division so I should have faith in them but 50 years of watching them tells me it ain't over.

Obviously I'm hoping that just by writing this I've already swung the odds back in our favour.

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We've played reasonably well recently but in all honesty with all the decisions that have gone against us it was written in the stars that a player called Bent was going to come on score against us and rob us of 2 points? 😳

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