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:manager:  I am looking often at the owlstalk, for tips and tricks to the team and the new ideas of tactics that our massive fans are putting to the forum. Many time, there are suggestions which I think, it is probobarbly having the merit. Then I put down my small glass of Vinho Aragonez and think some more about this, always considering the other opinion and analysing it. To be fair. Usuarly, it is turning out to be the ramblings of people who know not about playing football but instead about how to make the shoe. They are, as you say in England, "talking cobblers". Of this, I am absolutely certain.

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Drop Kieran Lee. He looks cream crackered.


Thanks for that. Every time someone suggests this he comes back stronger and better. Roll on Derby

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Seriously think we need to make 6 or 7 changes against Derby and Cardiff, be good for the team, relax all the hard workers Lee/Fessi/Bannan/Lees/ ,






Dont need to rest any one,


3 games to go.


Then its the play offs, everybody will play out their skin in those. 

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