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Team tonight

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Not a fan of nuhiu but i really think he should be starting and the midfield 4 should have bannan central with no Lopez and ff out wide left. If he plays this team for the next 3 games we could lose the precious 6th place. I hope I'm wrong.

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Started with a very negative 4-1-3-2 with Lopez playing in front of the back 4. Absolutely awful team selection against a poor side.

We only gave ourselves 45 minutes to win the game and played well 2nd half after switching to 4-4-2 / 4-3-3.

Sorry but tonight Carlos got it very wrong.

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That team did OK against Ipswich apart from take the chances (Nuhiu isn't going to improve that!) and that central midfield pairing won 4 of the previous 5 games.

Be reyt, stop whittling.


The team vs Ipswich included Joao which adds something different to the forward line and allows us to attack more. I wouldnt want to drop FF or Hooper but I think FF could play wide left and still have as much effect on the game as he usually does

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