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Well I'm sure the team will be reassured to know that their fans think both right backs are rubbish.

Just the spirit we need going into the most crucial month for years.

Why the hell cant people just get behind the team and save all this till later?

Is it just so hard to show some genuine support and stop picking individual players out for a good kicking?

During the games the players get support from the fans. Personally I don't rate Palmer at all, and don't mind expressing my opinion on here, but during games he gets my total support. If you think the players are upset by comments on here, you need to get a grip.

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Well mate if you think certain players get total support from the fans at matches I'm not the one who needs to get a grip.

I don't believe that they're totally unaware of comments made on here either. That's my opinion if that's ok with you.

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