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Reason for Hutch absence?

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loovens or lopez ....no slur on them but a fit hutch strengthens our side so he's a must imo.

Loovens is a must alongside Lees at present.

And certainly wouldnt see Hutch as being ahead of Lopez in CM.

Great deputy CB if needed.

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Lees and hutch have played a grand total of 20 mins at centre half together. How anyone can say play hutch next to lees and drop loovens, who has proved again is lees best partner, and that central spine being a massive factor on the form and clean sheets we have shown is beyond me. Hutch has been fantastic in central mid, and him being there makes us a better side going forward, as the craft makers like lee and bannon can go and cause problems knowing hutch is sitting waiting to mop up. That aside Lopez has been greet and probably doesn't deserve to loose his place.

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