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Was pleasantly surprised we broke 25k today, great effort everyone!

I agree and was quite relieved actually.


If with only 3 home games to go with a chance of promotion, the doom mongers predictions of 22,000 had been proved correct. It would have put to bed forever our claim that we are a big club.


Thankfully, it appears that prices are a bigger issue on this talking shop than they are to the actual paying customer, at least at this stage of the season.


Big respect to all the 25,082 who went.  

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South looked rammed today.

No noise though. North broke into EIEIEIO after the goal. Silent otherwise. Top of the kop sung a bit in the first half. Silent otherwise.

You'd think we were 16th not 6th.

which clubs do generate noise at home games these days ....its not like the old days when the noisy fans could all stand together

and sing.......

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