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Wolves Away - Saturday 7th May - Barry Bannan(a) Day

Guest Gornaldo

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Guest Gornaldo

This one will take a lot less organisation than Semedo Day. There is no organisation. Here's the proposal:

You buy a ticket.

You travel to Wolverhampton.

You have some beers and a bit of snap.

You have some more beers.

You arrive at Molineux nice and merry.

You blow your banana up that you bought from eBay/Amazon/Your local blow up banana shop.

You throw it around.

You sing songs like 'one banana, two banana, three banana, four' and 'walking in a Bannan wonderland'.

Times the above by 4,300 - and you have Barry Bannan(a) Day.

If you're not in - then that's fine, and if you think the idea is shybo, that's also fine... But BUY A BANANA!!!

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I think ill just go to the game and support Wednesday


Thanks for the offer though

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