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Bristol City highlights

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Finally got round to watching the BC highlights last night. I wasn't going to watch them due to the result, but despite the loss I still saw plenty of reasons to keep the faith.

I appreciate that highlights can give a deceptive/selective view of the game but despite the heavy defeat, it looked like we continued to pass the ball with our usual flair. Bannan seemed to have a good game and if McGeady had taken his early chance no doubt the whole complexion of the game changes.

Also it looked like we kept our heads up in the second half right up to the final whistle.

TBH Bristol looked a decent outfit and way better than their current league position suggests. I'm sure CC also knows we need to improve our defending down our flanks as opposing managers will be analysing that defeat for our run in.

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Guest Darkus Owlus

No way I will ever watch them, as far as I'm concerned this shameful and weakling effort didn't occurr.

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