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Development Plans..

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Might be baloni?

Sheffield Wednesday - £8,000,000 of Private Funding currently being allocated

Scheme comprises refurbishment and extension works to football stadium to increase capacity from 39,000 to 45,000, extension of the West Stand to create an additional area of seating and the erection of a roof over the entire West Stand. The scheme also includes construction of a doctors surgery. The associated works include enabling, sewer systems, infrastructure and landscaping.

Application number 15/03506/FUL has been approved, this project will be researched for further updates.

Project ID: 15328334

Address: Sheffield Wednesday Football C, Middlewood Road, Training Ground, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber, S6 1TJ - view map

Scheme comprises replacement of single-storey gym with a 2 storey and 1-storey gym, including covered access walkway and relocating and replacing groundsman''s store. The associated works include sewer systems, landscaping, infrastructure and enabling works.

Preliminary start date: Data not available

Start date: 05/12/2016 (Guideline)

End date: 05/02/2018 (Guideline)

Contract period: 14 Months

Contract type:

Site area: 0.07 Ha

Floor area: 1358 Sqm

Units: 1

Sector: Hotel & Leisure

Region: Yorkshire and the Humber

Development type: Extension

Site phone number: Not Available

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Where did you get the info? And surely there must be publicly accessible planning permission documents floating around for a building project like this?

Not sure how confidential it is or if indeed it's correct at all...Someone I know is in the trade and has stumbled across it.

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There isn't one directly.

It's from an online data base that is linked to all the national planning offices called Glennigan it's related to the construction industry, architects, planning main contractors etc.

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Not saying this is a fake call, infact it looks like something we could really do with, it's just that estimated timing ?

Starting December this year with completion not until early 2018, our Birthday (if I'm not wrong) is September 2017, right in the middle of this timing, I would have thought DC would have wanted to get the worlds press in for the celebrations as much as possible, not sure he'd be happy for them to see a building site..

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