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Lee or Lopez?

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Although we've got better players than Nuhiu, we are a better side with him in it. Personally I'd have Nuhiu and Hooper up front, and tell FF to play where he wants and where he thinks he can do the most damage.

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Lee was dreadful last night.

He's brilliant at mincing about and pretending to look busy tho.

And I've never seen a midfielder so reluctant to shoot.

Other than that I'm a fan.

You do know he has six goals this season? For a CM that is an outstanding contribution. Even more so when you think about his all round game.

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I'd rest Lee on Saturday giving him 10 days tills the Ipswich game. There were 3 or 4 times last night where Lopez gave Lee the ball but Lee didn't drive on with his left foot, needing to cut back and slowed everything down whereas Bannan in that situation would have driven forward or put a cross in.


Good point.


I do wish Forestieri had driven on with his left foot instead of cutting back, slowing it down and assisting the winner.


And I'd much prefer Bannan to drive on, attempt to cross with his right foot - which is crap by the way - rather than cutting back on the left and keeping the ball.

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