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no, I came across it on Twitter and thought, I'll post that to highlight how much of a nobhead he is.

In my opinion of course.

Your opinion is of course your own council.

I think it's testicles, but that's just mine lol

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Don't understand how this thread has reached 5 pages so quickly.


He is a bit bonkers, but everyone knows he is a great guy.


Let him enjoy going to football like we do.


Stop with the name-calling, if you don't like him pay no attention.

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Clearly never met him then.

no, I'd rather not. Quite happy with my own circle thanks.

Quite pathetic adults on a forum slagging off a bloke enjoying going to games, get a grip bloody hell I'm sure there's other things to waste your time complaining about.

petrols sneaking back up
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im stating facts, he's acting like a nobhead and he's a fat mess

You are acting like someone who is too scared to actually do something about it and would much rather criticise him from the safety of your own screen.


Get a grip.

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