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Just saw that, was going to post it.


Absolutely love it. Legend.


Obviously doesn't get quite the same love at England matches as Wednesday matches, but you can understand why!


Top man.


P.S pleased to learn what the lyrics where to the song the England fans were trying to sing, been bugging me

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It's a football match, not the west end.


if I got sat next to that or you and I was with our young un listening to him or you all game I'd attract a steward to deal with both of you clowns.
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There are other fans who go to every home and away game.


Yet don't publicise themselves at every game.


They don't stand at the front spending the whole game not actually watching the game.


Plenty also go to away matches and sing.


Just with their tops on.


So if you say a bad word about Tango you don't sing yourself?


Sound logic.

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