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April 2016

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It's June I feel sorry for. No games so just gets totally ignored.


No need to feel sorry for her she's bustin' out all over!


In any event I'm another with a birthday then so I'm looking forward to it. Premier League fixture list featuring us will be the perfect present!

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7 Games? Ok thinking who we have I reckon we could claim 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, the loss coming at Derby, draws against Ipswich and Cardiff and win the rest. 14 points is pretty decent if you look at the matches. On average, 2 points per match. Not bad.


We won't lose at Derby.

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Guest wilyfox

The marathon becomes a sprint. Consolidate 6th, keep pressure on Derby for 5th if we can. Our biggest month since promotion 4yrs ago.

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Hudds A

Blackburn H

Brizzle A

Ipswich H


Derby A

6 games 18 points available.

2 questions

How many points do you THINK we will get

How many do we NEED to go into May and the last 2 matches with a chance of the playoffs?

I reckon we need 12 and we'll get em

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