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Cromwell Cup

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The cup is still at the club.


It is in the Chairman's office along with the replica Rumbelow's Cup, the Coca-Cola play-off final trophy, the 2nd place promotion trophy and more (or at least was the last time I was in there and I assume it is in there or somewhere similar now).

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I remember seeing the 'trophy cabinet' on a behind the scenes tour bloomin yonks back...went to the cubs in Wisewood for about 3 weeks and went on a visit one evening haha! ...we were allowed to run on the pitch too...must have been around 1971/2 ish...I know we were sh*te at the time...

In fact that might be me in that pic...proper "bowl" haircut!!

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Well the date in the upper right corner refers to May 1983.


The picture shows a trophy cabinet and some trophies but no Cromwell Cup. Not convinced.

Can't be anywhere else in Sheffield Nev, way too many trophies!


Isn't that big bowl in the middle at the top the Shipp Cup?

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