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Sougou - End of Season?

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Lopez would probably be the standout player for about 2/3rds of the league.

He's just unlucky he's having to compete with Hutch, Bannan and Lee having the season of their lives.

Would be more than happy if we signed him permanently in the summer.

I don't think he can handle the physical side of this league. He'd probably do better in the premier league
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sougou has been dire awful why did we sign him? a player on the way down been loaned out for last couple years I thought it was a strange signing from start. we are stuck with him on a 2year contract must be on good money too. same with a few other players at least lopez can go he only on loan hardly played too . dielna still has 16months on contract,lachman? list goes on could be a problem for next season if too many of these bad signings are still on our books . someone from media needs to ask carlos which of these players he asked to sign as I'm sure a few he didn't ask for.

Give that man some capital letters.

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Not many. We've made 18 temporary and permanent signings this season, in total. Only really Lachman, Sougou, and Wiggins that haven't shown promise. 15/18 is very good going, in my opinion.


Like you say I think our record is very impressive, in fact the players we've signed, the fee's paid (or not paid) and the way we've gone about our transfer business in general has for me been as satisfying as anything we've done on the field of play.


Wonder what involvement GR had in those three signings, we'll never know but I suspect CC's recommendations were proving much more successful, hence the change of direction.

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