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Count the passes

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Guest wilyfox

Gonna be a difficult choice between Bannan and Forestieri for player of the season.

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Can some one post Hoopers goal against Brentford at home please, that was only one pass.


We have a team that is confident in passing and keeping possession of the football when required, but also not afraid to mix it up when required.


The sign of a good football team.



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Wonderful play whilst in possession, and then as soon as we lost it Forest weren't given a second.


Glorious to watch.


Wasnt showboating, or taking the piddle. It was a superb example of taking the steam out of a match at two nil up.

And you see what Forestieri gives to the team. He wins back so many balls with his "ratting" as JP so nicely put it.

As for Bannan's role in this period of play, words fail me.

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